My Services

I am a professional web developer with 15+ years of working experience. My experience and area of expertise includes: WordPress, Joomla, CSS, HTML, PHP, MySQL, etc.

Design & Development

  • Joomla/Wordpress based any website
  • any HTML/CSS website
  • Joomla to WordPress conversion and vice versa
  • HTML/Wix/PSD to Joomla/Wordpress

Fix & Troubleshoot

  • Any Joomla website issue/error
  • Any WordPress website issue/error
  • custom feature and look
  • Hacking and Malware fix
  • Or any other custom requirements

Transfer & Migrate

  • Transfer your domain to anywhere
  • Switch to new hosting provider
  • Website move/migration
  • Move data/email to new hosting provider

Upgrade & Update

  • Upgrade older Joomla to latest version
  • Regular update of Joomla module, plugin & template
  • Regular update of WordPress Plugin & Theme

Backup & Clone

  • Backup your website regularly to protect it from hacking, crash etc.
  • Clone your website for experiment and further development
  • I will restore your website from a backup


  • Install and Configure SSL Certificate aka http:// to https://
  • Increase GTmetrix rating for better ranking in Google
  • Make your slow website as lighting fast!

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